The best performing diaper you've ever tried, guaranteed.

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Tree Free Bamboo Core
A Full 12 Hours of Leak Protection
Pediatrician Recommended
Shockingly Soft
No Fragrances or Allergens
"Of all the new diapers to hit the scene in 2022, these are our fave. Super stylish, they’re also more sustainable than many other disposable diaper brands thanks to the bamboo core. They’re also really soft, really absorbent and free of things like chlorine and fragrances."

You made a baby

Congrats! And as we like to say, “Welcome to the other side." Things are different over here—and like us, you're probably looking for some peace of mind.

We made a diaper

That’s why we’ve over-invested in a shockingly soft, hypoallergenic, chemical-free diaper that is 55% more absorbent than leading brands. Incredible performance = extra peace of mind.

Guaranteed Blowout Protection

Shockingly soft liner, inside and out
Stretchy back and sides create a comfortable fit
BambooTek™ core quickly absorbs moisture and locks it in
Breathable materials protect baby's skin
Wetness indicator

Caroline Vreeland

"Not only does baby Miro look cool as hell, nothing escapes this well-designed, natural, v absorbent diaper."

Miles Garber

“Freestyle was started by parents for parents and that makes me trust them."

Sydney Porter

"Things have been going great with the diapers so far! Veja and I really like them! :)"

Chantal Jones-Griffiths

"Love these diapers! They are so soft and my babe looks adorable in all the cool patterns. Highly recommend"

Juliette Labelle

"IDK who loves these diapers more-- me or my daughter! We couldn't have asked for a better diaper!"


We collab with our favorite artists to make diapers fresh enough to frame—except, well, don’t do that. Your baby’s going to need them.


Janine Rewell

"Art reflects on society and traces the moods that are not visible in other ways..."

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as our diapers.

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