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Your baby just got more stylish. And dryer. And more comfortable. Our Hyper Absorbent diapers use fast-growing bamboo instead of tree pulp, so on top of being shockingly soft and super cool, they're even better for the planet and even more absorbent for your baby.

Each order includes 6 packs of Freestyle diapers (3 of each pattern), which is approximately a 4-week supply.

Tree Free Bamboo Core
A Full 12 Hours of Leak Protection
Pediatrician Recommended
Shockingly Soft
No Fragrances or Allergens
Proprietary BambooTek™ core designed to quickly absorb moisture and lock it in.
Freestyle vs. others
Regular Diapers
Other “Clean” Diapers
Clean Ingredients
12 Hour Protection
Probably not
Loves trees?
Obviously not
Plastic Offsets
Definitely not
Looks good in pictures


In each shipment you will receive 6 packs of diapers (~ a month's supply) and every now and then a fun surprise or two :)

“After careful review, it is my opinion that Freestyle diapers can be recommended for regular use on newborns and infants.”

-Dr Ragini Malika Adams

Clinical Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Certified by the American Board of Pediatrics, October 2018

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Caroline Vreeland | @carolinevreeland

"As new parents, we were surprised to find that baby doesn’t actually poop every day. So after a couple of days have gone by, we’re always waiting, with bated breath, for the big moment. If there was a chic way to capture said explosion then Freestyle has done it! A diaper we can trust. Not only does baby Miro look cool as hell, nothing escapes this well-designed, natural, v absorbent diaper."

Miles Garber | @milesgarber

“Parents are constantly being advertised to. Buy this, buy that. Did you know your baby is suffering?? It feels as if the established “parenting” world is constantly trying to make us even more anxious than we already are. Freestyle seems to speak to parents in a new way. A way that makes you feel included. It was started by parents for parents and that makes me trust them."

Sydney Porter | @thesydneyporter

"Things have been going great with the diapers so far! Veja and I really like them! :)"

Chantal Jones-Griffiths | @chantygriffiths

"We love these diapers! They are so soft and my babe looks adorable in all the cool patterns. So happy I found this brand. Highly recommend"

Juliette Labelle | @juliettelabelle

"I don't even know who loves these diapers more-- me or my daughter! We couldn't have asked for a better diaper!"

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