Baby Maker: Caroline Vreeland

May 25, 2022

Meet Caroline, our pasta-loving, wine-sipping baby maker of Miro(3.5 months).

Where did you consummate your baby?

"In Quebec, in a condo, but not just any bed. We rented one of those beds where the top and bottom can go up and down with a remote."

If you could go back and give your pregnant self some advice, what would it be?

"Do the thing where you play one song repeatedly while you're pregnant to see if that same song indeed soothes baby when he cries now."

If there was a billboard that everyone in the world could see, what would you say on it?

"Eat Pasta, Make Love."

Best hook-up story?

"The one where I met my husband. I met him at a rave that I wasn't even supposed to be at--I took him home with me; we haven't been apart since."

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