Baby Maker: Megan O'Neill

Nov 1, 2022

Physical Location: Brooklyn, New York

Mental Location: I'm back and forth between Jamaica and Paris

Zodiac: Scorpio

Number of kids and ages: 1 boy, he's 1.5--how are we hear already!!?

Did you always want to be a parent?

Yes, but it's no less surreal now that I am one. It's wild, all of it, from the fever dream that is giving birth to watching the 1.5 year old you produced run around and start to say things---and all the terrors and joys in between.

Describe your parenting style in three words.

Physical, loving, indecisive

Has your work changed at all since becoming a mom? If so how?

I have slightly better boundaries around stopping in the evening. You simply cannot do the juggle of, say, crafting a real email or thoughtful response AND simultaneously watch a baby. Both will suffer--the email will be gibberish and the baby will fall into something and hit his head. And you will feel crummy. Baby comes home from daycare, and I stop working. Maybe I resume after he's gone to bed--and I have done that maaannnnny a night---but it's too much, to fiendishly work into the night these days. I really try to get the urgent stuff done within the work day. Obviously my to-do list is a thousand miles long, but that's what it is, and I'm working on being fine with that.

Where do you find inspiration? Do you find inspiration?

My mom--she raised me and my brother in New York City completely by herself. Emotionally and financially all by herself. I couldn't do that. I remember her coming home from the office and then starting on a freelance assignment that she'd work through the night on--so that I could continue to go to my school or basketball camp. It takes my breath away that she did that, now that I see what an enormous job it is to be a mother. When something is hard, I think of her staying up all night after work or just having no one next to her in bed to bounce ideas or fears off of---and it makes me buck up.

If there was a billboard that everyone in the world could see, what would you say on it?


What's your best 'beauty' hack during pregnancy or postpartum? Something the freestyle fam should know!

To keep moving as much as possible--walking and Pilates is magic.

Best self care ritual?

I am the most hardcore walker. I walk everywhere. Like miles and miles, no matter what it's doing outside. I think it's the secret to longevity.

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