Baby Makers: Elliot and Blake Tomaeno

Jul 15, 2022

Physical Location:

South Williamsburg/East Hampton 

Mental Location: 

on a boat in Pantelleria (we love it there)


Blake: Taurus 

Elliot: Libra 

How Did You Know You Wanted to Become Parents?

We actually discussed children on our first date over five years ago and have planned for Indigo ever since - Blake & Elliot

If there was a billboard that everyone in the world could see, what would you say on it?

Lead with love, and the rest will follow… - Blake

Suffering ends with compassion - Elliot

What's your best creation? (besides your kid)

My summer pasta dish - Blake (who is a chef) 

My company ASTRSK that I started when I was 27 - Elliot 

Who is your favorite artist/designer/creative?

The Sag Harbor-based painter, Frank Wimberly - Elliot

Britney Spears 4EVA - Blake

What does your morning routine look like?

Wishing Indigo wasn't babbling so adorably and would sleep just a little longer… - BlakeGive quick kisses to Blake and Indigo and the out the door and the dealing with too many emails on the way to the office (on weekdays) - Elliot

Do you know many other same sex parents? If so, was it helpful having them as a resource during your pregnancy process and in what ways? If not, and/or in general, what were some resources you found helpful?

We have a couple friends with kids in other states, but we're one of the first in our close NY crew, and it's been incredible to see our friends rally around us so sweetly and pour their love into our new family unit. - Blake & Elliot

What has been the most challenging part about becoming parents?

Blake- Trusting anyone else to care for Indigo the way I think is best, which is the best way. Elliot - Adjusting to our new schedule while still getting all the self-care time I need to deal with my wild work schedule (and work stress)

Can you sum up your experiences as new parents in 5 words?AN INDESCRIBABLE LOVE BEYOND MEASURE -Blake & Elliot

Best hook up story?Let's just say it was in a sauna at a resort spa in our favorite Caribbean island (we wanna go back to this hotel so that's all we'll say)! -Elliot & Blake

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