Navigating Friendships Post-Baby

Sep 7, 2022

You’ll lose some friends, but gain a tribe.

Being a new parent is all-consuming, and some of your childless friends just won't get it. 

As much as we would love to tell you that nothing changes post-baby, we aren’t liars. We’re here to tell you things will, indeed, change. Yes, some of your friendships will sink like the Titanic, but at the end of the day - just remember that Rose let Jack go. (Even after she said she wouldn’t, but we won’t get into that right now. ((Unless you wanna…hit us up if so, js.))

You will probably break some ties, (sry) BUT - on the bright side, you’ll also (prob) bond some even stronger ones with new and existing relationships.

Once you’re unleashed into the wild world of parenting, you'll find SO many amazing parents who DO get your newfound trials + respect the lack of f*cks you now have to give going out into public looking like a creature from the Walking Dead (✊🧟‍♀️) and will become your support system judgment-free zone. (We see you, picking that paci off the floor and having that internal debacle. Been there. Done that. Kids all survived.😌)

Making new friends as an adult f*cking sucks (with or without littles, tbh)

If you’re someone who easily makes new friends, how does it feel to be God's favorite?? For most of us (idk, “normal” humans), making new friends as an adult can be intimidating, exhausting, disappointing (this list could go on but you get where I’m going with this) but honestly, we're pretty lucky. We've got modern-day technology to help us out. With apps like Peanut and Facebook groups galore, you don't even need to leave your PJs to find some new mom bff's. Or join a mommy + me yoga class. Or check out MOPS to find (or even create your own if you're feelin' extra ambitious) a local group. Or, just sit at the playground looking dead inside. (<— This has shockingly worked for me on multiple occasions.)

Don’t worry babe, there IS still space for the non-parental besties in your life.

However…they most likely don’t want to hear you gushing over your perfect little angels every single fart-smile, or how many times they’ve had a blowout that somehow reached their neck rolls in one day, (that part will be excluded if they’re rockin’ FS diapers, js 😉)  or how exhausted and covered in bodily fluids you are. Your FWK’s, though, will be happy to commiserate/celebrate/cry while drinking wine right alongside you. It’s called balance, bestie.

While our pals on the other side haven’t a CLUE what it’s like to juggle work, a home, and a kid (partners who act like kids included) with the demands of a North Korean dictator, we must keep in mind that at the end of the day friendship is still a two-way street.

Yes, you might require some extra patience as you adjust to life with a new lil sidekick in tow, but keep in mind - your friends lives are still evolving as well (prob with a little more sleep under their belts), they still have hardships, celebrations and life-altering events. TBH, they probably also really miss having you more readily available. They say it takes a village to raise a kid, and as fellow parents ourselves here at Freestyle want you to know - we’ve got your back friend (and your kid’s butt’s, too ;) ) 🥰

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