Welcome to the Other Side

LifestyleApr 15, 2022

Freestyle is happy to announce our newest release “Welcome to the Otherside” in collaboration with artist and mother Janine Rewell. Janine’s work explores the unexpected perfection of nature, a model introduction to the unpredictable and serendipitous beauty of parenting.

Featured in this release are two new designs named “Keep it Wavy, Baby” and “Still Smiling”, with which Janine’s visual language of organic geometry and the fantastical blend to aestheticize and ease new parents into their roles as caregivers.

Focusing the designs on symbols of positivity and the ease and fluidity of waves, we wanted to promote a light-heartedness in the often feared and dreaded process of the “diaper change”. The aim of this release and our brand is to bring beauty and light to all processes of loving and caregiving to help better connect parents to their children.

Stay smiling!

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